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Q: Who are Vapers Juice?

We are an Electronic Cigarette shop based in Bedford town centre offering vapers the finest premium gourmet e-juices you can use in your e-cigarette!  We are a small but growing company selling the best e-juices and e-smoking products available.  We take pride in the e-liquids we sell and have teamed up with some of the major and well known manufacturers to bring you the very finest products.  Vapers Juice will not compromise your vaping sensation, we fully test and try everything we sell before it goes in our shop.  VapersJuice was established in early 2011 to provide Electronic Cigarettes a non-tobacco nicotine containing product to an ever increasing customer base.  We take very seriously our commitment and responsability to provide an effective, quality alternative to smoked tobacco.
Q: How do I pay for my e-juice and/or other items?
Payment is made through Paypal which is a safe and secure payment gateway. If you do not have a Paypal account you can still buy our juices, you can pay with a credit or debit card without signing up for an account.

Q: I have other questions, where can you be contacted?

We welcome any questions or queries, please use the Contact Us Page.  We will reply within 24 hours
Our shop based at 5 The Arcade, Bedford, Bedfordshire MK40 1NS is open Mon-Sat 9:30am-5:00pm where our staff will be happy to answer any of your questions.
FAQ about e-cigerettes

Q: What exactly is an electronic cigarette?

Electronic Cigarettes have been developed to provide traditional smokers with the sensations of smoking, but without the dangerous side effects which arise from the burning of tobacco.

A battery in the electronic cigarettes powers an atomiser which heats the propylene glycol / vegetable glycerin base liquid to create a smoke like vapour. This vapour combines with the liquid nicotine and the food dye flavourings to provide an experience similar to smoking a traditional cigarette, but without the harmful by-products.

Propylene glycol is a well known additive which has been deemed to be “safe” by the world health organisation. It has been used in a number of products for several years ranging from asthmatic nebulisers to the production of smoke in night clubs and for stage shows.

Electronic cigarettes do not contain tobacco so they do not burn in the same way as traditional cigarettes. They do not produce the ash, carbon monoxide, benzene, and the other dangerous by-products which result from the burning of tobacco.

What are the benefits?
  • Substantially cheaper than traditional cigarettes - savings of up to 70-75%
  • Simulates smoking and satisfies the nicotine cravings
  • No flame, no burning tobacco
  • No unpleasant odours or tobacco smells
  • No more secondhand smoke
  • No more Tar and no more Carbon Monoxide
  • No more matches, lighters or ashtrays
  • A huge choice of flavours & strengths available
  • Legal to vape - Not included in the UK smoking ban

 Q: What is an atty?

An atty or Atomiser/Atomizer is a small electronic heating element that connects to the battery by way of a ‘screw thread’; when the battery button is pushed, the heating element will fire up/get hot and heat the e-liquid enough to create vapour, These are generally used with a cartridge or drip tip for direct dripping. Before using, don’t forget to prime it first with a couple of drops of e-liquid. These are considered to be a disposable item with a user life of ‘between’ 1 day to 2 months (this is subjective to you and your usage/abusage of the atty).

Q: What is a cart?

A Cart or Cartridge is a small plastic tube with a cap on one end that has a hole in it, the other end is open. The cart is filled with a kind of wadding or sponge that soaks up the e-liquid. It takes on average, 12 to 15 drops of e-liquid to fill; this is then put on to an atomiser ready for you to vape, They are generally made out of ‘vegetable graded’ materials. These are considered to be a disposable item. They should last months or longer - it's the wadding/polyester wool that needs changing - I found once a week did it. You can also use the Blue Foam and Fluval (fish tank pads) as suitable 'wool' replacement.

Q: What is a carto?

A Carto or Cartomiser/Cartomizer is an ‘all in one’ steel, tubular combination of an atomiser and cartridge that’s filled with a kind of wadding that your e-liquid soaks in to. They come in different ohms (LR or low resistance, SR or standard resistance and HR or high resistance), lengths (Standard size, XL, XXL, XXXL, XXXXL, XXXXXL), single coil, dual coil (DCC), triple coil, clear, punched (for use in tanks) and un-punched (used directly on to your PV), skirted/flanged and bottom coil. They are generally made out of ‘vegetable graded’ stainless steel. You can refill a cartomiser many times before disposal, making them a very economical alternative to atomisers.

Q: What is a clearo?

A Clearo or Clearomiser/Clearomizer is made out of vegetable grade plastic or polycarbonate. They do basically the same job as a cartomiser does. These are considered to be a disposable item. You can refill a clearomiser many times before disposal, making them a very economical alternative to atomisers.

Q: What is a drip tip?

A drip tip is a hollow tube mouthpiece that can be attached to either an atty (see above) or a carto or clearo (see above). They come in various shapes, sizes and colours. They are generally made out of ‘vegetable graded’ materials and are widely used by many vapers.

Q: What does LR, SR and HR stand for?

LR or Low Resistance, SR or Standard Resistance, HR or High Resistance and VHR or Very High Resistance refers to the ohm-age range of any given atty or carto/clearo.

As a very rough guide:

LR up to about 2.6 Ohms

SR 2.8 – 3.8 Ohms

HR 3.8 – 4.8 Ohms

LR is generally used at a voltage of between 3.2v to 4.2v. Most people who use LR components usually say the best voltage for them is 3.7v – which is the range most starter kits fall into.

SR is generally used at a voltage of between 3.7v to 5.0v. It will be subjective to you as to what voltage suits you best, but a lot agree that attys/carto/clearo’s that are in the 2.0ohms - 3.0ohms range work best at 4.2v.

HR is generally used at a voltage of between 5.0v to 7.4v, although some SR components do also work up to those higher voltages.

Q: What’s a tank?

A tank is used with a punched cartomiser and is basically a reservoir for your e-liquid. The tube comes in plastic/polycarbonate, pyrex glass, delrin or stainless steel. It comes with a top and bottom cap that has holes in them; these holes are for the cartomiser and tip. You put the caps on the top and bottom, you then gently push the cartomiser threaded end through the top until is just reaches the bottom, you turn the tank over, pull on the top end of the cartomiser just enough for you to fill the tank with e-liquid, once filled you ease the threaded end through the bottom so the screw end is showing, give the bottom end a wipe, put your favourite drip tip on and screw to your device and vape.

Q: How do I fill me clearomiser?

A: Watch the video!

Q: How much e-liquid and other stuff do I need to last me a month?

For e-liquid, this is dependant on how heavy you vape, on average 3 - 5mil per day is considered the norm, if you vape more than that per day, you will need to total your daily usage for a months supply. As for 'other stuff', always have spares of everything!


The metal tube in the center of the Clearomizer leads from the mouthpiece to the battery end. Avoid getting liquid in this tube when filling the Clearomizer

When unfastening the base (atomizer head) to refill the Clearomizer, the seals are temporarily broken and liquid will leak from the mouthpiece or escape into the center tube. Always wrap a cloth or piece of tissue around the mouthpiece when unfastening the base of the Clearomizer

Gurgling noise or leaks: This is a sign that liquid has found its way into the metal tube in the center of the Clearomizer (and usually occurs after a refill). Ridding the center tube of liquid will resolve the issue. To do so without emptying the tank, remove the Clearomizer from the battery, wrap a cloth or tissue around the battery end of the Clearomizer and blow through the mouthpiece.

The atomizer head  can unfasten when unscrewing the tube or base. Always secure the atomizer head before reinstalling the base

It is normal to find a small amount of liquid in the battery contact area when removing the Clearomizer or any atomizer. We recommend cleaning the battery before charging it.

When possible, keep the tank full and never below 1/3 full of eLiquid ("topped off"). This helps maintain the "vacuum" in the tank and prevent leaks

Atomizer heads have an average lifespan between 10 to 20 days. When the atomizer head wears down, it may begin to leak. Replace the atomizer head with a new one if available
All medical and scientific answers to the questions posed above have been sourced solely from the internet, and as such, are subjective and open to debate. I therefore accept no responsibility on the validity of any of the claims made.

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