The Kanger eVod batteries are available in both 650mAh and 1000mAh Regardless of the size, the eVod battery produces a constant power output of 3.7 volts. Try your Kanger eVod battery with the Kanger eVod Clearomizer, or any other clearomizer with a 510 or eGo thread.

A fully charged EVOD 1000mAh battery should give you eight hours or a thousand puffs, which will last an average user a good day or two. It’s a great starting battery for new users of e-cigarettes and makes an excellent back-up battery for experienced vapers.

The EVOD 1000 is actually ideal for anyone who wants a solid, reliable battery that always delivers. It is compatible with the full range of clearomizers from the cheap and cheerful CE4 clearomizers to higher end hardware. The Kanger EVOD 1000 has a 5-click on/off feature, allowing the user to switch it off entirely so there are no accidental activations. The button also has an LED light which will indicate activation and flash when the battery’s life is running low, though it helps extend the battery’s life if you top up the charge before it is completely exhausted.

Charge the EVOD 1000 with a standard USB charger which plugs into a USB port and can take between 3 and 4 hours to charge fully.

Kanger designed the eVod battery with both eGo and 510 thread compatibility, making it easy to use virtually all popular manufacturers clearomizers, glassomizers, and cartomizers with it.