All customers please note that we, Vapers Juice (Vapours Juice LTD), do not guarantee the life of a replacement coil. The manufacturer of any coil does not warrant them, meaning that we cannot replace coils because they have burnt. Staff in our shops will gladly show you how to correctly prime and set your coils up.

Factors to consider:

  • Has the coil been correctly primed?
  • Is the device on the correct setting for the coil being used?
  • Are you using the correct E-liquid for the coil?

Firmware Updates

If upgrading the firmware on your device, please make sure that they are installed in the correct order and according to the manufacturer’s instructions, as not doing so may result in your device no longer functioning. Updates are performed at your own risk.

Refunds / Exchanges

We can NOT refund or exchange any devices, tanks, e-Liquid, or coils that have been opened and are not sealed unless they have a manufacturing fault. A change of mind is NOT a valid reason for a refund or exchange.

Please note that any atomizers, clearomizers, tanks, or drip tips that have been used or filled with e-liquid cannot be refunded or replaced due to hygiene reasons.


Our warranty does not cover any cosmetic or accidental damage to a device. High levels of damage WILL result in a void of warranty.

A valid sales receipt MUST be provided as proof of purchase.

A Bank statement does not prove what you purchased but only that you purchased "Something".

As we are classed as a handler of some of our products, as opposed to a supplier or manufacturer, the length of the warranty we can offer depends on this.

All warranty requests are fulfilled by our suppliers, meaning that their decision is final, and no replacement is guaranteed. While we are happy to handle most warranty requests on your behalf, please note that any products that must be sent back to the manufacturer for replacement or further examination will carry a £4.00 charge to cover postage and insurance.